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We understand that not everyone is a graphic designer. With that in mind, we have developed a series of templates in a variety of sizes that can be quickly edited with information advertising your program, department, course or event.

The process is easy:

  1. Scroll through the examples of templates that we offer.
  2. Select the template that you’d like to use.
  3. Supply the information you’d like in the template.
  4. We will return a copy of the template with the information and images that you supplied us with for your approval.
  5. After your approval you will receive a complted file that is prepared for printing, emailing, publishing as required.

Don't forget to submit your completed template to the Marketing Committee Green Light Approval via KISS Flow. While the design of each template is pre-approved, the content must be approved before being published or disemminated.

Most templates include a "Custom Dimensions" option for the times that the pre-designed dimensions don't match up with your project's dimensions. Please keep in mind that, although we will do our quickest work, when selecting these options it will increase the amount of time required to turn your design around. We will work with you regarding the amount of information that can and cannot be displayed within these customized dimensions.



Available in the following sizes:

3"x5" *H and V, 4"x6" H and V, 4"x9", 10"x3.8" H and V, 6.5"x10", Letter (8.5"x11"), Legal (8.5"x14"), Tabloid (11"x17")

*H=Horizontal, V=Vertical


Verbose was created to provide a fair amount of information. In the Letter, Legal, and Tabloid sizes this design allows for between 240 and 370 words of text. Visually Verbose grants space for a larger header image and in most sizes an option for up to 2 secondary images to enhance your text.

Verbose also provides for a full width and column layout to help organize messaging. 

If you want to communicate a lot of information Verbose if the right choice for you.

But wait, there's more!

Well, not right now. We are working on developing new templates based on the following designs.

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