Videography and Photography on SKC's Campus

While it is fine to take video and photos of, on, or at the SKC Campus for individuals if the project is to be used in a commercial or promotional purpose permission must be acquired from Salish Kootenai College. The SKC Videography and Photography Policy can provide more detailed guidelines. This page should serve to provide a basic understanding of what is needed.

Drone videography & photography on campus.

The procedure for obtaining permission to shoot video or photos on SKC's campus is in the process of being completed. In the meantime you can send you request to film on campus to


A campus image refers to a photo or video of Salish Kootenai College (SKC) property that is easily identifiable as SKC by its architecture, landmarks, signage, prominent individuals, logo clothing, or athletic uniforms. Filming involves capturing moving or still images of SKC property using any current or future media, such as film, videotape, digital disk, or electronic transmissions to other mediums or the internet. Photography includes capturing still images using any current or future devices, such as film or digital cameras, personal computers, mobile phones, or other digital devices, and storing them on compatible mediums or posting them online.

SKC Videography & Photography Policy

The SKC Videography and Photography Policy states that individuals are allowed to take pictures or record videos on campus for personal use. However, for any commercial or promotional purposes, individuals must obtain permission from the College's Marketing Committee.

The policy in its entirety can be found here.

Brief Policy Details


This policy applies to all individuals visiting or affiliated with SKC who wish to engage in videography or photography activities on campus.

Commercial Filming and Photography

Commercial filming and photography at SKC requires a permit. Prior authorization from the Marketing Committee is needed for using campus images. Fees may apply. Examples include theatrical releases, media broadcasts, industrial use, and artistic works.

SKC Filming and Photography

SKC Filming and Photography, under SKC's control, includes media for internal use, academic broadcasts, and contracted services. No permit is needed if it doesn't disrupt college activities or damage assets. Protection of SKC's identity is crucial. Unqualified filming requires a permit. Costs may be charged for repairs. Non-college staff must grant copyright ownership.

Student Filming and Photography

Student film and photography for academic assignments may not require a permit if guidelines are followed. The academic department must ensure compliance, non-interference, and protection of SKC's identity. Inquiries can be made to the Marketing Committee, which may issue permits and charge costs if needed.

News Reporting

News reporting involves live filming or photography for transmission. Contact SKC College Administration for requests. Permits are usually not required, but emergencies may necessitate them. News reporting is fee-free and should not disrupt college activities.

Incidental Filming and Photography

No permit is needed for incidental filming or photography by faculty, staff, students, visitors, or tourists if it's for non-commercial, educational, administrative, or personal use without disrupting college activities. Commercial use requires written permission from the SKC Marketing Committee.

Use of Campus Images and SKC Identification

SKC owns its landmarks, logos, and campus images. Identifying SKC as a location for commercial filming or photography requires written consent from the SKC Marketing Committee. Approval is granted when the identification aligns with the appropriate and protective use of SKC's name, landmarks, trademarks, and logos.

SKC Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drone) Usage

The College supports Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) usage for administrative, research, instructional, and service purposes while considering privacy, security, and safety concerns. Compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and other applicable rules is mandatory for all on-campus and off-campus drone operations. Approval from the UAS Risk Management Team (URMT) is required for all users, and SKC-owned drones must be registered and covered by liability insurance. Additional rules apply for on-campus and off-campus operations, and research-related drone usage requires approval from SKC's Institutional Review Board. Users and visitors are encouraged to refer to the FAA's FAQ for further information on federal requirements.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drone) Operations Policy in its entirety

Processes for UAS approval are being developed. In the meantime, contact to discuss UAS usage on campus.