Guidelines for the proper treatment and usage of the SKC Seal.

The official Salish Kootenai College seal shows that certain documents, publications, etc, are authentic. Seals are as official as it gets. The seal is a formal and offical mark of the college and carries a greater stature than the logo. The SKC seal is the symbol of the origin of the College, a visual interpretation of its starting point.

Unlike the charging bison logo and the charging bison mark, the College seal is not intended for everyday use..

It is not acceptable to alter the colors or shape of the SKC Seal.

To obtain a copy of the SKC Seal contact

SKC Seal


Ideally the seal will be printed in full color, however, not all applications will allow for full color. Likewise, grayscale printing applications may have similar limitations, in which case the 2-color seal is preferred. If a 2-color seal is not possible the seal can be reproduced in 1-color .

Salish Kootenai College Full Color Seal - Preferred


Salish Kootenai College Grayscale Seal





Unlike the charging bison logo and the charging bison mark, the College seal is not intended for everyday use.

Examples of the conventional use of the seal:

  • Official legal documents
  • Transcripts
  • Official college stationary
  • Convocation and Commencement documents
  • Honor society documents
  • The class catalog
  • Diplomas
  • Board of Director resolutions
  • College policies
  • Annual Reports
  • Communication from the President
  • Podiums, backdrops, College flags
  • Formal invitations
  • Engraved Plaques
  • Business Cards

The seal should not:

  • be reproduced on objects (such as trash cans) or in contexts that demean it.
  • used in advertising, publications or printed materials that publicize a program, activity or service of the College.
  • be used for items of clothing and, or any item for resale, unless purchased through the bookstore as official seal apparel and promotional items.

Though the seal is normally restricted to the above mentioned usages, exceptions may be granted as part of the Marketing Greenlight Approval KISS Flow. Alteration to KISS Flow taking place during Summer of 2017.


SKC Clearspace illustration.

Ensure that when using the SKC Seal in a layout that adequate clearspace is allowed on all sides of the Seal. Clearspace refers to the distance between one design element and another, not including a background image.

Clearspace may be ignored only when the SKC Seal is being used as a watermark behind text and other images. If another instance of the seal is used in the same layout, however, please provide for acceptable clearspace.


Do not reproduce the SKC Seal in a size smaller than 1 inch on paper media, 2 inches on decorated apparel.

SKC Seal Smallest Size


SKC Seal Printed Apparel Smallest



When the SKC Seal is embroidered at a size smaller than six inches please use the “Small Embroidered Version”. The SKC Seal “new” small embroidery file takes advantage of the 3d nature of embroidery and saves stitches providing a lower cost and more attractive version of the official college seal than seen in the past. This logo would be used as left or right chest location or on bags, backpacks, golf bags etc;.

When placing an embroidery order we suggest you see a “sew-out” of the design before committing to the order. In 40 years the seal has gone through a handful of alterations, it’s best to ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s pretty disappointing to receive an order with the wrong design on it.

It is only acceptable to embroider the SKC seal on Black, Vegas Gold, White, and Grey colored garments.

For approved garment colors see Apparel Guidelines page.


The consistent and professional reproduction of SKC’s seal and Charging Bison logo and the proper us of our selected fonts is essential in providing a public image of a pre-eminent institute of higher education. As such please avoid doing ANY of the following to SKC’s seal.

Do NOT squish or stretch

Do NOT squish or stretch the SKC Seal

Do NOT rotate the Seal at all

Do NOT rotate the SKC Seal at all

Do NOT use low resolution versions

Do NOT use Low Resolution versions

Do NOT recolor the Seal

Do NOT recolor the SKC Seal

Do NOT change the font

Do NOT add elements to the Seal

Do NOT add elements to the SKC Seal

Do NOT rearrange elements of the Seal


One of the most common file types used for images from the internet, and digital cameras to desktop publishing is a “jpeg” or .jpg. The small file size of .jpgs allow for easy transportation of image files.

A jpg however, has a few limitations, most notably, in this case, a lack of transparent background. When a .jpg is saved it will create a white rectangle around the artwork contained within it. This isn’t a problem when dealing with a photo that is rectangular. When you are introducing a non-rectangular logo into a layout it can cause a problem with any background images, or colors.

The solution to this is the .png. Pngs allow for a transparent background and are great for use with logos. As .png is a superior and more flexible file type for presenting a logo we will only be making the SKC Seal and Charging Bison logo available as .pngs.

If however, your printer or application require a larger image or higher resolution we have provided a link to download vector and high-resolution versions of the Seal and Charging Bison logo. Please keep in mind that without proper software you may not be able to view many of these files.

High resolution and vector files can be downloaded here.


SKC Seal PNG on a Background